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BUYER BEWARE! Enicar vintage 20mm beads of rice BOR bracelet for Sherpa, Jet, Aqua Graph

This 20mm Enicar bracelet popped up on eBay

In my opinion this is not 100% legitimate for the simple reason that the high end beads of rice bracelets were always marked Enicar on the inside of the clasp.

As you can see on the pictures above this one is just marked stainless steel.

I am thinking that the outer clasp has just been added to a generic beads of rice bracelet in order to increase its value.

I'm not suggesting that the seller in question has done this to the bracelet, for all I know they

simply might not be aware in the first place.

The seller is asking €900 for this 20mm beads of rice bracelet.

You can view the suspected bracelet on the eBay link below

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