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Enicar Sherpa Star Diver?

Here are a couple that you need to watch out for.

Enicar Sherpa Star Divers in Stainless and PVD.

Let's break both of them down

Case // Correct

Case back // Correct

Crown // Correct

Bezel // Correct

Movement // Correct

Bezel inlay // Incorrect

Dial // Incorrect

Hands //Incorrect

You can see a correct version below.

Building these up to the correct spec would be a challenge. The Star Diver hands are unique to this watch so not that easy to obtain. The dial & bezel inlay would also be very difficult to obtain.

The seller does not provide any information concerning the watches but his price is reflecting similar to a fully original Sherpa Star Diver at 2500 Swiss Francs per watch!

You can view the 2 franken watches below


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Horology Biology
Horology Biology
Aug 11, 2020

I totally see what you mean, and this is the joys of learning in our community. The bezel is different but you are totally correct with this different dial. What a find and I’m wondering the seller knows he has prototypes then? Great find man


Martijn van der Ven
Martijn van der Ven
Aug 11, 2020

To be honest, my first reaction was 'franken' too. But I found a mention of these models on Swisstime.ch showing the exact watch. It appears to be a prototype that was presented during the 1970 Swiss Watch Fair. I prefer the appearance of the 'regular' Star Diver though.

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