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Enicar Sherpa Star Diver?

Here are a couple that you need to watch out for.

Enicar Sherpa Star Divers in Stainless and PVD.

Let's break both of them down

Case // Correct

Case back // Correct

Crown // Correct

Bezel // Correct

Movement // Correct

Bezel inlay // Incorrect

Dial // Incorrect

Hands //Incorrect

You can see a correct version below.


Building these up to the correct spec would be a challenge. The Star Diver hands are unique to this watch so not that easy to obtain. The dial & bezel inlay would also be very difficult to obtain.

The seller does not provide any information concerning the watches but his price is reflecting similar to a fully original Sherpa Star Diver at 2500 Swiss Francs per watch!

You can view the 2 franken watches below




#sherpastardiver #frankenwatch #vintageenicar

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