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The Enicar Super Graph, Unicorn or Grail... Call it what you will

The Enicar Super Graph, known amongst Enicar collectors as 'The Grail or Unicorn Watch' is the rarest of all the Graphs, but why?

It simply just boils down to numbers as so few are known to exist. I believe it is safe to say that the production numbers must have been very low.

Enicar is not alone in this as other brands also have their grails such as Omega & Heuer, but I'm not going to touch on that here.

The watch has a reverse count down grey mat bezel which was originally intended for sports shooting or marksmen. It shares the same case as the Aqua Graph and the same reference number 072-02-02

If I'm honest (like most I assume) as much as it was always on my list it was never a 'realistic' idea as finding one is really not easy at all considering that there are only a few out there and most people would never part with them anyway.

By finally owning one I totally feel blessed, and it's certainly a time piece that will be kept in my collection holding high place next to the other 3 Graphs.

I actually had the watch in my possession for quite a while before I first posted about it as it was not running great, the side of the case had a couple of nasty scratches, the crown was incorrect & I had to source a correct set of register hands.

As I wanted to keep this under wraps only a couple of people knew about it and helped me obtain the parts I needed.

As usual this tiny little Enicar community delivered, and for this I am super thankful

( you know who you are ;)

Once I had everything I needed, the watch was delivered to Rob Mulder, my watchmaker & friend of over 7 years and this is where it sat and sat and sat.

Shortly before I went on vacation in August I called Rob to inquire about how it was going. Unfortunately he told me that his health had rapidly deteriorated to the point that he was no longer able to work.

We chatted about it and it was decided that it would be best to collect the watch.

Regardless, we always kept in touch & my last visit with Rob was on the 18th September to say our goodbyes.

Rob sadly passed away on the 21st September and will be dearly missed.

Jeroen Blonk

I've known Jeroen Blonk @watch.care for around 2 years after originally been introduced through Martijn van der Ven @vandervenus

As an avid Enicar collector it's comforting to know that he is on the same page when it comes to understanding Enicar and sharing the passion of the brand we all love.

Before I went away on vacation at the end of August I met up with him in Eindhoven for a lunch catch up & to drop off the Super Graph.

The watch went through a full strip down service which was more than I expected.

Jeroen knows Enicar and more importantly understands vintage.

Below are are few photos he sent me while he was working on it.

After what felt like a very long vacation (mainly because I couldn't wait to get the watch back) I went back over to Eindhoven to collect the watch.

What a result! I could not be happier, and I can certainly recommend the services from Jeroen at Watch Care.

If you're looking for a professional watchmaker that is not just competent, trustworthy & fully shares the same passion for Enicar as we do then look no further.

You can reach Jeroen Blonk at the following

Instagram: @watch.care

Email: info@watch-care.nl

Super Graph MK2, Sherpa Graph MK3, Aqua Graph MK3, Jet Graph MKIV

@horology_biology @watch.care

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