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The Poor Man's Sherpa Graph!

I'm pretty sure most of us out there have heard the expression 'Poor man's' before when discussing watches. I remember that this was more common when discussing vintage piece associated with the Heuer brand.

Funnily enough it has become much more common in the Enicar world when discussing the Sherpa Graph. I have even used the expression myself on numerous occasions and why not! it is what is at the end of the day.

A few weeks ago I did get pulled up on this and was told ' why call it a poor mans Sherpa Graph when it's basically the same watch'

The fact remains that even though they do look similar they are in fact quite different.

Let's break it down below with 2 examples in my collection.

Although both watches look very similar here are the key differences

The Sherpa Graph rocks the same 40mm case along side the Desotos however the lugs on the Graph are 20mm where as the Desotos sport a 22mm set.

The case back of the Graph is a typical EPSA Bayonet style where as the Desotos is a screw back.

Another key element to mention is the movement. While both contain the Valjoux 72 the Graph is finished to perfection with a brass finish and marked Enicar on the bridge.

The Desotos is what I would call 'factory stock' left untouched and unbranded.

Another aspect to consider is that the lugs on the Graph are slightly thicker as well.

Finally the obvious is the price point so I won't touch on that difference.

Having said all of the above from a functionality point of view I actually like both, I wear both and think you should do the same.

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