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One to watch!!!! Vintage men's Enicar Supertest Rubyrotor automatic watch in good working order

One not to miss out on!

Here we have in auction on eBay, a lovely 1960's example of the Enicar Supertest.

The Supertest was Enicars own version of 'chronometer'

Rigorous tests had to be completed and passed in order to warrant the Supertest name on the dial.

This is nice stainless steel 33mm (ex crown) version without date.

I used to own the same model a few years ago with the date but I have say the no date really pops.

Lovely original Dauphine hands on a now creamy Enicar dial. The movement looks original and unmolested to me complete with the 30 jeweled marked rotor and of course a serial number on the bridge.

Although there isn't a photo included in this auction I am suspecting that the 'Supertest' marked wheel will be present.

This watch also includes an EPSA Super Compressor bayonet case back.

With bids currently on £31.00 and 4 days left I estimate this to go around the £150 mark.

If you don't own or have never owned one of these I highly recommend it as they do carry serious wrist presence & are very affordable.

You can catch it on the eBay link below.


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