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Retro Watches The Modern Collector's Guide

This is something that deserves a place on any Vintage Watch fans shelf, or an Enicar coffee table if you visit my place.

I saw this book originally advertised on Instagram ( @horolovox ) and decided I needed to bag a copy.

These guys know their stuff! Covering over 100 Vintage and Retro watches from the 1950's up to the 1970's no stone is left unturned.

The photography is highly professional on a thick print which is important as this book gets thumbed!

One element of the book that I really enjoyed is that the authors do not stick to price points as important. They show what they love, what they collect or have collected.

There are many affordable time pieces included to which they authors grade accordingly.

On a personal note I was very happy to find that 2 Enicar watches are included in the book complete with a detailed description. The Enicar 320 and 340 line

The watch above is the Waltham Jump hour chronograph. They came in many different versions including Elgin and Kelek. I used to own the original line of this watch, the Kelek jump hour chronograph. This was the first automatic chronograph with a Tenor Dorly movement with the chronograph workings bolted on top. From my understanding this is why the case was so thick.

You could grab these in gold plate or chrome plate, personally speaking the chrome plate was more appealing. Although they were only around 36mm in size they seriously held wrist presence due to the bulky size.

Below is a photo of mine which I have regretted selling many times

I can assure you that given the choice words coming back from my watchmaker they are a nightmare to work on.

You can buy this book on Amazon or direct from the authors site for $34,99.

I recommend doing this direct as there is a 15% discount code on their site!


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