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The Vintage Enicar Coffee Table... and why not!

This is something that I get comments over and certainly isn't something you see every day.

So for those that don't know, back in the day I used to really enjoy restoring old furniture. Unfortunately nowadays I simply do not have the time or the space and I'm pretty sure my other half would not handle the mess!

As a big fan of Enicar I really wanted to make something I could put my feet on so the idea came about to make the one off coffee table.

I first sanded back the centre area and stained it dark brown in mat as this would be my blank canvas.

The next part was sourcing a seller on eBay that was selling bags of old watch movement parts in weight so I bought around 2 kilos.

The most painful part was applying these damn parts!

For 3 months every evening I would apply glue to a small area and painfully position each piece with tweezers to the table. Seriously it took 3 months!

The dials I also sourced in weight on eBay and applied them in the same method. As they are larger it didn't take as long.

The Enicar advertisements are not original (hell no I would waste originals) I scanned and printed off the original ones I wanted. Once I had a selection I applied boot polish with tissue paper to each print and rubbed it in to age it. Next I heated up the prints over the stove to crinkle them. I also screwed them up and flattened them out to age them.

Once everything was in position and set I protected the outer edges of the Enicar coffee table and applied around 2 litres of epoxy to the table. After it was set I realised that it was not deep enough as some of the balance wheel staffs and some dial batons were still poking through the epoxy.

The only solution to resolving this was to apply more so a further 2 litres was applied.

Once it had set it looked amazing! Nothing was poking through and the top looks like a thick glass sheet.

The top edges and legs were painted white which was then sanded back and heavily stressed.

A black wood stain was then added, left for a few minutes then rubbed off with cloth so that it created a deep shadow effect.

Job done!

The Enicar coffee table is 120cm x 90cm (excluding the crown)

It's around 3 years old now and no I'm not doing another one...


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