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Ultra Rare Vintage Enicar Watch Box Genuine 100%

This one just popped up on eBay, and although it's advertised as ultra rare (a step up from just normal rare I'm assuming) it's like the 4th or 5th one I've seen this month!

To set the record straight and please please correct me if I'm wrong but I believe these are modern Enicar boxes mainly because of the 'Enicar of Switzerland' line

If you check on the modern Asian line of Enicar watches (the cheap stuff we have no feels for) then the slogan is the same, I believe this was due to legal reasons which is merely stating that the brand originates from Switzerland but it isn't there no more.

If you feel like splashing out this mere £239 asking price then go ahead, although I'm sure you'll stumble across another uber ultra gigantic rare box in a few days time for less.

I actually think I have a couple of these still lying around at home somewhere.

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