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What is the price on cost?

Does it matter and why do many people get hung up on this?

This is something that I have always had trouble with and have often wondered, should it really matter?

In the world of Enicar vintage watches prices fluctuate all the time, so should it matter what price a seller is asking and why should you be offended by it. In some cases be actually down right mad, lose your shit and challenge it!

Apple for example sell their products at massive prices when we all know they cost a fraction of the price to make yet people still buy them and complain little, so why does this seem to come up a lot in the buying and selling of vintage watches.

I believe it falls into a few sections

1: Overpricing floods the market

2: Personal opinion

3: You know how much the seller paid

4: Jealousy

Let's touch on the above...

1: To an extent I do understand that overpricing a watch can create a burden for buyers and of course pushes other sellers to match their prices accordingly. At the end of the day though if you are selling your car and you want €7000 for it then you would logically not advertise it at €7000. It would be far more logical to advertise at €9000 in order to create a best offer scenario.

In my opinion it is totally logical to increase this in order to create price room. This works in favour of the buyer & seller. Do I really need to explain this? it's a business transaction at the end of the day.

If you're the owner of a watch that you believe is overpriced then I'm confused why you would complain about this. A vintage watch is an investment with a difference, not only does it provide you with wrist pleasure (no pun) but it's a financial commodity. Would you complain if your stocks increased?

2: Personal opinion is so important as is free speech however I find there is a thin line that can get overstepped between personal opinion and fact.

3: This is something that I have heard before and again only seems to happen in the vintage watch world.

"I know you paid €200 for this so I should be able to buy it for a similar price"

This is such an irrelevant statement to make and always gets under my skin. I refer back to my Apple comment above...

4: The root of all evil they say, yet unfortunately this is something that does come up. Whether it's relevant under a price point topic is open to discussion but I do believe it holds weight. Unfortunately time and time again I see it happen among collectors and always find it a shame.

So to conclude my 2 cents are this...

It's your product, you own it so you should be able to sell it for whatever you want. Some prices I find laughable but that's where the conversation stops, I simply move away & switch off. It is not my right to tell you what price you should ask for your property. It does not offend me, it does not bother me.

If it's right for me (or you) is the only thing that I have concerns over.

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